Raising the bar. Stabilizing the costs.

NOSA’s model, the first of its kind, gives employers like you direct access to the highest caliber of orthopaedic health care for your employees – at a set, predictable cost.  Here’s what makes NOSA different.
  • The right providers Our physician practices are hand-picked and offer top-quality care. Further, our network continuously integrates and analyzes data with the ultimate goal of fine-tuning care, maximizing efficiencies and reducing complications.
  • The right diagnosis and treatment We provide a comprehensive patient evaluation to ensure that the patient is on the right path from the very beginning. Unnecessary surgeries account for 10 to 20 percent of specialty surgeries, including spinal procedures and knee replacements. That’s a lot of avoidable expense – and a lot of missed productivity. We recommend surgery only when necessary, and find alternative treatments when it’s not.
  • The right continuity NOSA covers everything from pre-operation evaluation to post-operative care. Then we connect with all physicians and physical therapists involved in rehabilitation to ensure continuity of care and prevent unnecessary post-treatment complications.
  • The right location NOSA providers are located across the country, in Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. If travel is required for care, NOSA will coordinate and assist your employees through the travel process.

Simplifying and
streamlining the process

At NOSA, we not only elevate the level of orthopaedic care, we streamline the process for you and your employees. We collaborate with you to evaluate your employee group and negotiate a bundled payment for service. Then we take care of all of the details, including pre-screening patients, determining eligibility, answering benefits questions and administering the bundled payment. Here’s how our process works for your employees:

We may be new, but our model is proven.

Though ours is a new model for orthopaedic care, Cleveland Clinic has applied a similar model to cardiac surgery with great success for more than a decade. Employers have seen cost savings through elimination of unnecessary procedures and dramatically decreased readmissions.

Care that’s constant and constantly improving. 

What makes NOSA’s model so innovative? To ensure we are providing the best possible care, our network continuously shares and analyzes data which informs our care. On a monthly basis, our committees evaluate:  
    • Quality We establish standard measures, review compliance and evolve protocols to improve our network processes.
    • Results Our team reviews and monitors data by surgery type and institutes improvements to ultimately improve patient results. This includes reviews of:
      • Completed surgeries
      • 30-day inpatient readmissions
      • 30-day reoperation rates
      • One-year infection rates

Patient-reported satisfaction and results are also key. Through surveys, our patients provide detailed, pre- and post-surgery feedback on joint function, pain and satisfaction.

  • Potential new network members As we continue to expand our network, we identify and screen potential participating providers. Participants must share our vision and our stringent standards of care.

At NOSA, we don’t settle for the status quo. Neither should you. 

  NOSA enables you to demonstrate your commitment to your employees and to your bottom line.
  • More robust employee benefits means better employee recruitment and retention.
  • Fewer avoidable complications means faster employee return to work.
  • Better care plus controlled health care costs = a better bottom line.